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Flash Powers's Innovative Video Browser

When needed a way to bring easy, interactive video to its broadband customers, it turned to Macromedia's Flash and built "The Fan."
Featured Articles, Posted 19 May 2004

A Healthy Convergence of Conferencing and Streaming Media

Anthony Whalen of Truestar Health is a streaming media entrepreneur who has taken off-the-shelf components from STARBAK and VCON and created a special streaming media production system. The resulting programming positively impacts the daily lives of Truestar Health members.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Mar 2004

Apple Continues To Expand Mac's New Media Tools

Whether you use them or not, Apple computers are icons. The latest releases are doing more than pleasing loyalists; they are causing the heads of Windows users to turn and look. In 2004, Macs are finding their way into the home & business & making new media much easier for users to create & enjoy.
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Feb 2004

Last Mile?

With independent DSL providers dropping like flies and incumbent exchange carriers circling like vultures to swoop up the carnage, Features Editor Derek Top asks the question, has DSL hit the end of the road?
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Jul 2001

Business Model Focus: Finding the Right Path to Profitability

As the economy continues to slide, companies are forced to take a hard look at their consumer-based business models, and, very often, turning to B2B and acting as application service providers. Features Editor Derek Top delves in to find out if streaming companies are finding success in this area.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Jun 2001

Bringing It On Home

Household penetration of broadband services is considered by many to be particularly essential to the growth of the streaming market. In many countries, high-speed access is the norm in the workplace. But, especially when it comes to the consumption of entertainment content, low household access rates are seen as a hindrance to growth.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Jan 2001

Television Model for the Web

One of the main criticisms of online syndication business models is that too much exposure can actually be a bad thing -- diluting one’s brand through scattershot distribution, without building an easy-to-remember destination for a particular piece of content.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jan 2001

The Standardization Issue: Miles to Go

Supporters of standardization remain the underdogs in the streaming media industry, as the codec and player wars rage on. Heated discussions at Streaming Media Europe today revealed that key competitive forces have little intention of cooperating in a meaningful way in the near future.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Oct 2000

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