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ESPN Coming to Xbox 360 Users

Will offer more than 3,500 live events in HD, free for Xbox LIVE gold members
Online Video News, Posted 14 Jun 2010

Commentary: Boxee Box a Lesson in Killing Momentum

The announcement that the Boxee Box won't be out until November shows how a forward-looking device can go from cheers to yawns in only 11 months.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Jun 2010

Commentary: IPTV and its Grip on Reality

The IPTV World Forum in London was awash with set-top box and middleware manufacturers in a fool's gold rush for a market that doesn't exist.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Mar 2010

Study Analyzes Why Netflix Instant Streaming Is Taking Off

Netflix's Watch Instantly service is growing fast while other over-the-top video initiatives are languishing. A new study looks at the reasons behind the early adoption.
Fri., Feb. 19, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 19 Feb 2010

Left to Their Own Devices

2009 Year In Review: Video to Set-Top Boxes, Gaming Consoles, and Other Connected Devices
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Jan 2010

CES 2010: Streaming Leads Consumer Electronics Growth

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, integration and service are the name of the game, with increased emphasis on mobile video and the digital living room.
Thurs., Jan. 7, by Tim Siglin
Online Video News, Posted 07 Jan 2010

DivX and LG Bring Streaming TV, No Box Required

The DivX TV platform has agreements with more than 70 online content providers including Next New Networks, BlipTV, Revision 3, Associated Press, TED, CNET, DailyMotion, and Rhapsody. DivX TV will be one of the services available in LG's NetCast system, which also provides access to NetFlix and Vudu content.
Wed., Jan. 6, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 06 Jan 2010

2009: The Year in Review

A look back at the most significant developments of the last year, from large-scale webcasts to adaptive bitrate streaming to new developments in the set-top box category.
Mon., Jan. 4, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jan 2010

Boxee Unveils Beta Software, and the Boxee Box to Boot

Boxee has partnered with D-Link to create the Boxee Box, and showed off the new device at an event in Brooklyn earlier this week.
Wed., Dec. 9, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 09 Dec 2009

Offline Mimics Online: DVR Usage Up

Are frustrations with online "catch-up services" such as the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Rogers On Demand Online leading toward greater DVR usage?
Tues., Dec. 1, by Tim Siglin
Online Video News, Posted 01 Dec 2009

Roku Announces Channel Store

Content from, Revision3, Pandora, and others now available via the set-top box.
Mon., Nov. 23, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
Online Video News, Posted 23 Nov 2009

Streaming Media West 2009 Keynote 3: Emil Rensing, CDO, EPIX

On Thursday, the final day of Streaming Media West 2009, EPIX chief digital officer Emil Rensing showed off his company's solutions to three-screen TV Everywhere.
Fri., Nov. 20, by Tim Siglin
Online Video News, Posted 20 Nov 2009

Streaming Media West 2009 Keynote 2: Mark Whitten, Xbox LIVE

Wednesday's keynote was a nod to the past and a view of the future, Xbox style.
Wed., Nov. 18, by Tim Siglin
Online Video News, Posted 18 Nov 2009

Not So Fast, EchoStar: Cable MSOs Look For Other "Sling" Options

Rather than embrace a place-shifting set-top box from EchoStar's Sling Media, cable MSOs may wait for a CableLabs' approved alternative.
Fri., Nov. 6, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 06 Nov 2009

Doubts Cast On BBC's $180m Project Canvas

The BBC's highly publicized broadband-to-TV project still hasn't received approval from the broadcaster's governing body, and may never see the light of day.
Thurs., Nov. 5, by Adrian Pennington
Online Video News, Posted 05 Nov 2009

KIT digital Acquires Nunet and The Feedroom for $21 Million

Acquisitions expand KIT digital's presence in both the mobile and enterprise markets, while also giving the company a foothold in North America.
Mon., Oct. 5, by Adrian Pennington
Online Video News, Posted 05 Oct 2009

Turner Sports and NBA Digital: Streaming A Different Kind of Training is streaming live video of training camps from the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Washington Wizards.
Wed., Sept. 30, by Tim Siglin
Online Video News, Posted 30 Sep 2009

Convergence Is A Major Theme At IBC 2009

Announcements from Vidiator, ADB, and Active Video show how companies are looking to break down barriers between TV, web, and mobile
Online Video News, Posted 12 Sep 2009

IBC 2009 Starts with a Bang

Adobe announces bit-level encryption, Envivio provides live iPhone encoding tools, and much more
Thurs., Sept. 10, by Tim Siglin
Online Video News, Posted 10 Sep 2009

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