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Google TV: What We Learned from Version One

The first Google TV user interface looked like a PC, admits a Google TV manager. Learn what Google changed in version two.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Sep 2012

Netgear Offers Three New Netgear NeoTV Models

Priced to move, Netgear's trio offers WiDi and the ability to access locally stored videos, photos, or music.
Online Video News, Posted 20 Sep 2012

Simple TV to Ship on Sept. 27, Offers DVR for Mobile Devices

Don't call it a set-top box: Simple TV records over-the-air content and streams it to mobile devices, no TV required.
Online Video News, Posted 20 Sep 2012

Roku Announces Streaming Stick to Ship in Late October

Compact device will sell for $99.99 and work with MHL-enabled televisions.
Online Video News, Posted 20 Sep 2012

Online Video Fails to Disrupt the Cable Business Model

Traditional pay TV services aren't feeling the threat of online video. Will cord cutting ever take off with the mainstream viewer?
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Sep 2012

OTT in Latin America: Differentiation Is the Main Challenge

Price is a problem, but competition is high. A Streaming Media East session looks at the greatly different video streaming climate in Latin America.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Sep 2012

Roku, TiVo, Epix Ask if Internet Television Is Already Broken

Limited programming, Hollywood availability windows, confusing interfaces, search hassles: can internet television be saved?
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Sep 2012

Apple TV, Roku, WD, Sony, D-Link: Battle of the $99 Set-top Boxes

Which low-cost set-top box is best? Which offers the simplest set-up, most channels, and cleanest interface? Watch this to find out.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Sep 2012

Apple TV vs. Roku 2

The market is full of $99 streaming boxes, but Apple TV and Roku 2 are still the most popular. Here's an in-depth comparison on hardware, features, and content.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Sep 2012

Adobe Pass Graduates to 2.0

Company says Pass successfully served millions of authenticated streams during the London Olympic Games
Online Video News, Posted 30 Aug 2012

Google TV Devices Race to the Bottom

New units hit the market offering lower prices, but pared-down features. Will we see a Google TV price war for the holidays?
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Aug 2012

Digitalsmiths Adds Custom Search Results and Recommendations Tool

Business Rules Engine lets content providers selectively promote content to targeted groups of viewers.
Online Video News, Posted 28 Aug 2012

Wall Street Journal: Online Series Finding Mainstream Success

AOL, My Damn Channel, Vevo, and CBS Interactive look at how original web series are crossing over and appealing to a larger audience.
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Aug 2012

Studios Push Blu-Ray for the Holidays, but Disc's Time Is Ending

The major studios are making a concerted effort to sell classic movies on Blu-ray, but streaming is rapidly taking over from optical discs.
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Aug 2012

Apple TV Rumors Disrupt the Tech World: What to Expect

If the rumors are true, Apple is pivoting on its original plans and will now try to work closely with the cable operators.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Aug 2012

HuffPost Live: Will it Succeed?

Huffington Post launched its live video service to much fanfare last week, but will it have staying power? We ask streaming producers and analysts for their take.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Aug 2012

First Look: New Devices from Belkin, Vizio, Simple.TV, Roku

These four new or soon-to-be-released devices offer living room streaming for low price tags. Find out first what the next generation of connected TV add-ons will bring.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Aug 2012

Vobile Intros TVSync API Platform for Second Screen Apps

TVSync is able to identify broadcast content in seconds and provide relevant second-screen information to viewers.
Online Video News, Posted 15 Aug 2012

NIA Survey: NBC's Olympic Streaming Shows Value of TV Everywhere

Viewers who watched NBC's live online streams were more likely to keep their pay TV services, says survey.
Online Video News, Posted 13 Aug 2012

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