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CES Report: Fredio App Brings Free Video the Television

Fredio is the simple visual filter for streaming premium video that many have been waiting for. But will the networks put up a fight?
Online Video News, Posted 10 Jan 2013

CES Report: Accedo Shows TV Everywhere; thePlatform Partners

Swedish TV app-maker steps up its game with a TV everywhere solution, using thePlatform for content management.
Online Video News, Posted 08 Jan 2013

CES Report: Samsung Puts Recommendation First in New Line of Smart TVs

New flagship range features revamped Smart Hub, HEVC compatibility, Ultra HD, and intelligent navigation
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Jan 2013

CES Report: Asus Introduces Qube for Google TV

Google TV's not dead yet, with Asus joining other manufacturers in announcing devices that run the platform
Online Video News, Posted 07 Jan 2013

CES Report: Netgear Surprises with Google TV, SlingPlayer Devices

Low-cost set-top boxes from Netgear let owners search the Web with Google or receive content sent from a Slingbox.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Jan 2013

CES Report: Roku Gains Time Warner Cable, 300 Live Channels

Also, Roku gains six "Roku Ready" partners and announces it has over 700 channels available.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Jan 2013

CES Report: Panasonic Personalizes Viera; Adds YouTube Control

Simplified YouTube viewing and facial recognition for user accounts led the way in Panasonic's CES announcements.
Online Video News, Posted 07 Jan 2013

CES Report: Sharp Adds Netflix and Split-Screen Mode

Viewers can use mobile devices to select Netflix content to watch on Sharp TVs, as well as view the web and TV content at the same time
Online Video News, Posted 07 Jan 2013

CES Report: LG Bullish on Google TV, Expands to 7 Models

LG's road map for 2013 includes OLED TVs, ultra high-definition sets, connected TVs, and one-finger gesture support.
Online Video News, Posted 07 Jan 2013

Westinghouse Supports Roku Streaming Stick with LED TV Line

"Roku Ready" TVs let shoppers get a connected TV experience by plugging in a compact Streaming Stick.
Online Video News, Posted 05 Jan 2013

Flingo Debuts Samba, a Platform for Connected TV and Mobile

Aiming to blur the lines between standard and connected TV, Flingo offers second-screen without the apps.
Online Video News, Posted 04 Jan 2013

What is Google TV?

Is Google TV the smart TV platform of the future,or still just "beta" software?
What Is ..., Posted 04 Jan 2013

E! Online Says Snackable Content Is King in Online Video

Viewers enjoy on-the-go video, finds the entertainment network, and that means short-form clips are on the rise.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jan 2013

LG Makes Connected TV Predictions for CES

Viewers need top premium programming to tune in to connected TVs, and they need to be able to view that content however they want.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Dec 2012

Home Streaming Devices Buying Guide (and Gift Guide!)

Heading out to the mall one last time? Before you go, learn which devices people do and definitely don't want to find under the tree.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Dec 2012

Zeebox to Launch Second-Screen Synched Ad Platform

Zeebox will let advertisers create second-screen ads synched to broadcast content, but first it needed to make a search engine for live TV.
Online Video News, Posted 17 Dec 2012

Making the Web Work for Media Apps

Consumer expectations have increased for apps across all delivery platforms, and by designing scalable digital architectures content owners can deliver more compelling media experiences
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Dec 2012 Study Charts the Rise of Co-Viewing

Households now watch multiple shows in the same room, using the TV and tablet computers.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Dec 2012

Adjust Your Set — and Your Expectations — Says TV of Tomorrow

One-day connected TV and second screen conference hits New York City, bringing a look at tomorrow's viewing.
Online Video News, Posted 10 Dec 2012

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