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SMIL: Mixing Media With Ease

Web developers are perpetually looking for a standards-based solution, with wide industry support, that is as easy to edit and create as HTML. SMIL 1.0 has been a good step in this direction.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Jun 2001

An Authoring Environment Of Their Own

Last year, the Media Solutions Group billed its internal HP customers for more than $10 million in services. But it may find clients in the outside world a tougher sell than its in-house cousins.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 May 2001

The Economics of MPEG-4

MPEG-4 promises to change the entire streaming landscape, if it gains widespread usage. What are the business ramifications of MPEG-4? Find out on this edition of Insider, with guests from Sun, DiamondBack Vision, iVast and Kasenna.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 May 2001

Educating the Market

Most of the streaming content currently produced at Microsoft falls under the broad categories of e-learning and marketing. As a producer of sophisticated software products, Microsoft is faced not only with teaching its customer base how to use its products, but also to appreciate those products in the first place.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 May 2001

Microsoft’s Streaming Service Bureau

Before the advent of streaming video, major company-wide events were broadcast via satellite, or recorded for later distribution throughout the company via videotape or CD-ROM. The unit responsible for those earlier productions – now known as Microsoft Studios – today produces the bulk of streaming media at Microsoft.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 May 2001

Enterprise Case Study: Microsoft’s Mandate

Virtually every product group within Microsoft employs streaming media for internal communications, e-learning, or marketing. Contributor Max Bloom shows us that for Microsoft, ROI is the impetus, but its efforts illuminate new potential for corporate streaming.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 May 2001

For Microsoft, ROI is King

Like other enterprises, Microsoft must justify large streaming media expenditures with comparable returns on investment. Yet, some ROIs are more easily measured than others.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 May 2001

Layouts in SMIL

Learn basic layout structures and how to use HTML with SMIL to control the layout of complex integrated designs that include HTML and elements of dynamic content.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Mar 2001

Tools of the Trade: Technology Co-Pilots Online Animation

In many respects, Macromedia's Flash has become the de facto standard for creating Web animation. And with good reason. Flash movies download quickly and are relatively easy to create.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Jan 2001

Microsoft Announces New Level of Streaming Integration

In his keynote address at Streaming Media West, Microsoft president and CEO Steve Ballmer outlined the company’s “Digital Media Everywhere” initiative, and showed off major streaming improvements for the enterprise. A major wireless streaming deal with Japan’s NTT DoCoMo was also unveiled.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Dec 2000

Creating Text Tracks in QuickTime

Text tracks are one of the most under-utilized features in QuickTime. Increase the value of your QT content with this quick tutorial.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Nov 2000

RealPlayer 8: Bells, Whistles, and Canned Content

In the latest round of competition between media players, RealNetworks has upped the ante with greater control over music and video playback, improved audio and image quality, and an integrated media guide designed to point users toward streaming content.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Jun 2000

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