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Tracking MPEG-4 At Streaming Media East

Interoperability, scalability & device independence were the features we heard most often during the MPEG-4 sessions at the SM East conference, where panels focused on the efforts to make MPEG-4 the industry standard for next generation streaming media applications.
by Barb Roeder
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Oct 2002

9/13/02 - Windows Media 9 Series Beta: Technical Review

The long awaited release from Microsoft’s Windows Media Group, code named Corona, has finally appeared in a beta version. Now dubbed Windows Media 9 Series, it is the first comprehensive platform review in four years.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Sep 2002

Apple Releases QuickTime 6 Public Preview

The company announces the awaited release of QuickTime 6, fully compliant with MPEG-4 standards, along with QuickTime 4 Streaming Server and a new product, QuickTime Broadcaster.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2002

MPEG-4 AAC Licensing Announcement Gets Support

MPEG-4 audio licensing announcements welcomed by many in the industry; and DivXNetworks inks agreement with film distributor Monument Video
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Mar 2002

Apple Demos QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4 Support

During Tuesday’s QuickTime Live conference, Apple unveiled QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4 support. But Apple held back its official release because of stringent “per hour” fees associated with the MPEG-4 license pool. Senior Editor José Alvear takes a look at the not-yet released QuickTime 6.
Online Video News, Posted 12 Feb 2002

Proposed MPEG-4 Licensing Draws Fire

The MPEG LA has proposed initial licensing terms for the MPEG-4 Visual technology, and industry reaction is mixed at best, with Internet streaming media interests moving fast to have their concerns addressed. Technical editor Bill Bernat reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Feb 2002

Quality Comparison: RealVideo, Windows Media Video and Sorenson Video

There's more to video encoding than meets the eye. Contributor Francesco Schiavon has been working closely with the big technologies and vendors to help you see which one, two, or three are right for you.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Nov 2001

ISMA Unveils MPEG-4 Specs

The ISMA unveils MPEG-4 interoperability specifications, calling it a "blueprint" for streaming media. But critics, like Microsoft, see MPEG-4 as an incomplete solution. Senior Editor José Alvear and Associate Technical Editor Bill Bernat report on what the specification means to the industry.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Oct 2001

RealNetworks Unveils RealONE Platform

At the RealConference in Seattle, RealNetworks unveiled a new integrated streaming/jukebox player, re-branded its subscription service and showcased a new platform for content developers. Senior Editor José Alvear reports on RealONE and how it's heating up the media player battle.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Sep 2001

Darwin Streaming Server: Open, Functional and Free

Apple’s Darwin Streaming Server, an open source version of the QuickTime Streaming Server, is both free and royalty-free. Contributor Jayson Lorenzen puts it through the wringer on Linux, Windows 2000, and Mac OS X.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jul 2001

Darwin Streaming Server on Linux

Roll-up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty with code samples and command line options. Contributor Jayson Lorenzen provides a walkthrough and tips for installing and configuring the Darwin Streaming Server for Linux. Dig in.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Jul 2001

Integrating Flash and QuickTime for Dynamic Media Delivery

Flash and QuickTime can be an incredible combination to visually enhance your streaming video presentation and provide more immediate interaction for your audience. Contributor Barb Roeder walks you through the steps of creating some dynamic media of your own.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Jun 2001

Swimming with Sharks in the Patent Pool

In any case where a company owns patents that are included as part of a standard, that company collects royalty payments on its part of the standard’s licensing fees.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2001

MPEG-4’s Objective Point of View

MPEG-4 can overcome many of the limitations imposed on video when streamed, allowing for a greater depth of information, and has the potential to be used as a true streaming multimedia format.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2001

Apple Eyes MPEG-4

Among the “big three” technology players in streaming media (Apple, Microsoft and RealNetworks), Apple seems the most likely to pursue an MPEG-4 standard-based approach — not surprising given that its technology forms the base of the MPEG-4 specification.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2001

Here Comes the Sun (Microsystems)

As a member of the Internet Streaming Media Alliance, MPEG committee, and the MPEG-4 Industry Forum, to name a few, Sun Microsystems has been keeping a watchful eye and playing an active role in the evolution and adoption of an MPEG-4 standard.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2001

Start at the beginning: An MPEG Timeline

The Motion Picture Experts Group, part of the ISO standards body, begins working on a digital video standard.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2001

Will SMIL Frown?

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL), a WC3 standard for synchronizing numerous different media into a single presentation, overlaps somewhat with MPEG-4.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2001

Navigating the MPEG-4 Labyrinth

A source of great hope and speculation, MPEG-4 is charting a course for ubiquity through standardization. Contributor Stephen Jacobs tells us that if the history of MPEG is an indicator of what’s to come, start placing your bets on a standard and prepare to reap the benefits.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Jun 2001

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