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Review: Macromedia Breeze 4.1

If you're looking for an online meeting tool with powerful features and extensibility, you should give Breeze a try. It’s not perfect by any means, but it provides a host of features you won’t find in similar tools, and for a very reasonable price.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Jul 2004

Squeeze Play: Sorenson's New Encoding Suite Hits the Mark

With a brand-new interface, batch processing, and more output formats than ever, the Squeeze 4 Compression Suite will be a force to be reckoned with in the ever-competitive encoder market.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Jun 2004

Microsoft Releases Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta

The new version puts more options at users’ fingertips, and Redmond says the new "Digital Media Mall" will lay the groundwork for the future of digital content consumption.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jun 2004

Case Study: From Doctors to Daters, Userplane's Instant Communicator Puts a Face on IM

The company's Instant Communicator instant messaging service has taken off in the online dating world. But an installation at the Cleveland Clinic shows that it has a serious side, too.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jun 2004

New MPEG-4 Webcaster Tops List of New Products at InfoComm 04

Envivio introduced its 4Forum MPEG-4 solution, while Sonic Foundry unveiled two new Mediasite recorders and ViewCast expanded its Niagara offerings in Atlanta.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Jun 2004

Taking Care of Business, In a Flash

With almost universal compatibility and near-zero buffering, Macromedia Flash Video lets streaming and Web developers focus on what really matters: customized branding and a seamless user experience.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Jun 2004

Flash Powers's Innovative Video Browser

When needed a way to bring easy, interactive video to its broadband customers, it turned to Macromedia's Flash and built "The Fan."
Featured Articles, Posted 19 May 2004

Case Study: Cinequest's Maverick Approach to Streaming

Cinequest Online takes films from analog to digital to streaming in six weeks, giving exposure on the cheap to independent filmmakers and high-quality delivery to movie buffs.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 May 2004

Case Study: For DSM Chemical, VOD Spells Satisfaction

With the help of Axonix's SuperView server, the company is profiting from the power and convenience of video training on demand.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 May 2004

Commentary: MPEG-4 is Dead

With the adoption of WM9 by the DVD Forum, there's increasing reason to believe that MPEG4's future looks grim.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Apr 2004

Product Review: RealProducer 10 Competes On Features, Codecs

We take a look at what's new in the the preview release of RealNetworks' latest.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Apr 2004

Creating Windows Media Download Packages

Windows Media download packages bundle up an entire playlist, a collection of media files, and a custom border into one downloadable file. With a single click, the Windows Media Player will unpackage the contents, add the playlist to its Media Library, and begin playback of your program.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Mar 2004

H.264 Video Prepares MPEG-4 For Prime Time

As broadcasters shift from tape- to disk-based digital acquisition, editing, and transmission systems, MPEG-4 system vendors’ products can gain significant market share against MPEG-2. Adoption will depend on several factors, such as de-mystifying H.264 and its availability as a codec within MPEG-4.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Mar 2004

The Windows Media ActiveX Control – Not Just for Internet Explorer Anymore

Embedding Windows Media player in a Web page can be challenging. Now, the Mozilla/Netscape team has built ActiveX support for Windows Media directly into their latest browsers. Here's how to sniff for Windows Media browser support and embed your video for everyone.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Mar 2004

The MPEG Video Standards – from 1 to 21

There's more to MPEG than just audio and video compression. There are five MPEG standards–MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MPEG7, and MPEG21–spanning all aspects of compressing, authoring, identifying, and delivering multimedia. Here's a quick look at each one and where it fits in the digital media landscape.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Feb 2004

Interactive MPEG4 – Who Will Lead the Way?

The MPEG4 standard for interactive video has facets that attract attention, enthusiasm, and investment. Both the Web and broadcast industries salivate at the possibility of a standards-based solution for authoring and delivering rich media content, but differ in their approach to driving adoption.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Dec 2003

Creating Interactive Video With MPEG4

After a long build-up, MPEG4 is finally roaring out of the gates. Read on for a look at the frontier of MPEG4 video - interactive video capabilities that will leave you oohing and ahhing. We'll look at the basics, then walk through a complete XMT/SMIL code example that shows how it's done.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Nov 2003

How To Brand Your Video With A Watermark

Inconspicuously floating over the bottom-right corner of a video, a watermark logo provides viewers with recognition of the program's source, as it builds brand awareness. We'll show you how to grace your videos with an interactive watermark that brands your content and drives traffic to your site.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Oct 2003

Hinting For Quicktime And MPEG4

"Think different". The writer in me always wants to correct that to "Think differently." But, mangled adverbs notwithstanding, Apple does tend to do their technology differently than other companies. Here's what you need to know.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Oct 2003

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