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Taking Care of Business, In a Flash

With almost universal compatibility and near-zero buffering, Macromedia Flash Video lets streaming and Web developers focus on what really matters: customized branding and a seamless user experience.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Jun 2004

Streaming Content Sites Favor Advertising Over Subscription

In a report by AccuStream iMedia Research, streaming sites are choosing an advertising revenue model over subscription by a 60% to 13% margin
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Jun 2002

Sites to See: Entertaining with Advertising

Rich media ad campaigns are popping up all over the Web, giving the boring, old banner ad a run for its money. Staff Writer Ellie Kieskowski tells us that many companies are promoting technology platforms that power rich media ads, resulting in the birth of a number of trend-setting campaigns.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Aug 2001

Yahoo! Revs Up Rich Media Marketing Machine

The broadcast services division of Yahoo! announces new tools for online marketing campaigns and a first customer in Purina.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Jun 2001

A Crowded Ad-Insertion Market

Those vying for a foothold in the targeted ad-insertion market — companies like Hiwire, Lightningcast, Radiowave, SurferNETWORK and Coollink Broadcast Network (CLBN) — must cope with all of these issues at once. All are trying to connect radio webcasters with a new inventory of advertisers, while providing a technology that presumably holds it all together.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Mar 2001

Targeted Ad Insertion, Do the Math

Harry Emerson, founder of SN, cites a hypothetical example to show how profitable the targeted ad-insertion model could be for radio stations.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Mar 2001

Streamies: An Advertiser’s Dream

Another highly touted feature of in-stream advertising is its ability to get personal, unlike any form of marketing media seen before. While banner ads are simply miniature electronic billboards, which may or may not be seen by the user, a targeted in-stream ad has the makings of a one-on-one conversation, where brand building is most effective.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Mar 2001

Turning the Tables with Targeted Ad Insertion

By harnessing the power of personalization for the purposes of marketing, targeted ad insertion could change the rules for advertising on the Web. Targeted ads have made a good start in online radio, but will the numbers add up to profit?
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Mar 2001

Content Prophets: Addictive Advertisements

Brands are not only becoming backdrops in online games — entire games are being built around advertisements. The result is a compelling, interactive venue that can be a big draw for advertisers.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Feb 2001

Online Radio Gets A New Hook for Ad Revenue

Targeted audio ad insertion technology is here, which allows online radio stations to strip away their regular ads and replace them with highly targeted in-stream audio ads for web listeners. Is this the killer Web app for radio stations?
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Sep 2000

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