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Interactive Video Advertiser Jivox Reports 400% Growth

Major advertisers are interested in online video ads, especially if they're interactive.
Online Video News, Posted 15 Jul 2010

TwitVids Launches Innovative SocialAds Advertising Network

Viewers will be prompted to follow a company or retweet a message before viewing video.
Online Video News, Posted 13 Jul 2010

Unicast Finds Strong Results with Interactive Video Ads

Rich-media ad company shows results of Q1 campaigns in downloadable report.
Online Video News, Posted 13 Jul 2010 Program Adds Pre-roll to Embedded Videos

Site creators will be able to add video their sites and build revenue with each view.
Online Video News, Posted 07 Jul 2010

Get Reliable ROI Info with BrightRoll's Reporting Suite

Get measurements from a variety of advertising partners for a holistic view.
Online Video News, Posted 17 Jun 2010

Coincident TV Offers Beta of HTML5 Video Editor

Interactive video editor gains HTML5 ability, full release only weeks away.
Online Video News, Posted 07 Jun 2010

Track HTML5 Video Viewing with MeFeedia

Tool offers a real-time view of HTML5 engagement across a range of devices.
Online Video News, Posted 03 Jun 2010

Streaming Media East 2010 Keynote 2: Yahoo's Rebecca Paoletti

Freaks and Geeks: Yahoo's head of video strategy looks at the importance of collaboration between creatives and tecnologists, as well as ways to make advertising work
Featured Articles, Posted 12 May 2010

mDialog Enables Interactive Ad Overlays for iPad and iPhone

mDialog has expanded its Video as a Service platform to offer ad overlays for Apple mobile devices, and the company's Greg Philpott talks to Jan Ozer about "delivering the right ad to the right device at the right time"
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Apr 2010

TubeMogul's PlayTime Gives Advertisers Improved Metrics

With PlayTime, advertisers with TubeMogul get engagement and preference data from all sites where their ads are shown.
Online Video News, Posted 16 Mar 2010

EyeView Quiz Tests Knowledge of Online Video Effectiveness

From autoplay vs. user-initiated playback to British vs. American accents in voiceover, EyeView's new quiz challenges conventional wisdom about online video.
Online Video News, Posted 11 Mar 2010

Pause for an Innovative Video Sales Tool from Soup Digital

Soup Digital's new Pause Solutions product delivers pop-up ads when viewers press the pause button.
Online Video News, Posted 25 Feb 2010

Visible Measures Debuts Trends, Tool for Judging Video Campaigns

To simplify the chore of gathering and comparing campaign intelligence, Visible Measures has released Trends, a Web-based application for benchmarking online video.
Wed., Feb. 17, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 17 Feb 2010

TidalTV Raises $16 Million, Looks To Expand Reach Of Its Targeted Ads

Comcast Interactive Capital leads a $16 million Series B funding round in TidalTV, which will use the investment to improve its technology and move into television and mobile.
Tues., Feb. 16, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 16 Feb 2010

Building Consumer Relationships with Video

Toyota Scion teamed with Gen2Media to build an online video community
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Feb 2010

Not So Fast: 2009 Online Video Advertising Year In Review

Featured Articles, Posted 27 Jan 2010

Video Advertising Network Smartclip Breaks Into U.S. Market

The German-based interactive video advertising network has set up shop in New York, and already boasts Viacom,, and blinkx as clients.
Mon., Nov. 16, by Adrian Pennington
Online Video News, Posted 16 Nov 2009

Online Video Advertising: Who Do You Trust?

A recent Nielsen survey found that, when it comes to trustworthiness, consumers rank online video ads near the bottom of the list, lower than billboards or ads in movie theaters.
Thurs., Nov. 5, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 05 Nov 2009

Streaming Media Europe Keynote #2: Video Advertising: Setting Standards For Success

The spend on online video pre-rolls is up 195% over last year. That's just one bit of the good news Guy Phillipson of the IAB shared about the UK online video ad market in his Streaming Media Europe keynote.
Thurs., Oct. 15, by Adrian Pennington
Online Video News, Posted 15 Oct 2009

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