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Content Feature: New School

While tradition may weigh heavily on the hallowed halls, the possibilities inherent in streaming have caught the imagination of influential minds, promising that whatever the future of higher education holds, streaming technologies will play an ever-growing role.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2001

Belief in the Cause

At the University of Cincinnati, Tom Streeter has had a much different experience with faculty, who have been eager to get involved in his Streaming Media Project.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2001

Stanford Online Educates Silicon Valley

Just down the road from Berkeley, the Stanford Online program is going strong, with just the sort of corporate orientation one would expect, given Stanford’s locale in the heart of Silicon Valley. In this hotbed of technological innovation, Stanford has put its Professional Education program online to allow busy high-tech workers to take courses without leaving their computers.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2001

Words of Caution: Preserve Education's Human Element

Siva Vaidhyanathan, a media scholar who teaches at New York University, has more than a few ideas on the subject of bringing professorial wisdom to the Internet.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2001

Improved Learning: Dump the Lectures

For all of the professors getting giddy over of the possibilities of streaming lectures, as well as for those getting nervous about losing control of their intellectual property rights, Roger Schank, PhD, has some sobering words.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2001

More of the Same, or a Brave New Path?

Where "real learning" actually takes place is open to debate. And that debate has been heated up by the introduction of streaming. Text-based online education was one thing, a fairly static entity. With video, audio and interactivity, the ante is upped.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2001

Training with the Boeing Education Network

The greatest volume of streaming on Boeing’s intranet involves corporate training. There are up to 30 courses at any given time in Boeing’s Video-on-Demand Learning Center, covering subjects ranging from export control to ethics training to parts interchangability.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Mar 2001

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