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Clear Channel Starts Radio Subscriptions

After trying to make money on Internet radio, Clear Channel turns offs its free streaming and makes listeners pay $6.95 a month to listen to syndicated talk shows. Senior Editor José Alvear tunes in.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Oct 2001

Peer-to-Peer Streaming Finds Friends

A new breed of companies is targeting the peer-to-peer distribution method to lower the costs of streaming. Can they help alleviate the economies of streaming? Senior Editor Jose Alvear reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Aug 2001

Case Study: Streaming with Grace

High atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill stands one of the city’s most recognizable icons — Grace Cathedral. Technical Editor Scott E. Baker tells us that inside resides one of the more advanced audio streaming operations in the city.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Aug 2001

Interactive Music Under Attack

As streaming companies and the record labels meet to decide on webcasting fees, the battle between the two continues. Contributor Daisy Whitney tells us the licensing issue is affecting the future of streaming, begging the question of what the future holds for an industry in its infancy.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Aug 2001

Sites to See: Entertaining with Advertising

Rich media ad campaigns are popping up all over the Web, giving the boring, old banner ad a run for its money. Staff Writer Ellie Kieskowski tells us that many companies are promoting technology platforms that power rich media ads, resulting in the birth of a number of trend-setting campaigns.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Aug 2001

Hollywood’s Digital Future

At a time when feature film production budgets sometimes rival third-world GNPs, digital media is emerging as a cost-cutter. Contributor Max Bloom takes us inside Hollywood where streaming media is being utilized to save time, improve visual effects and get the creative juices flowing.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Jul 2001

Hollywood Weaves a Marketing Web

Studios have fully adopted streaming movie trailers as a valid marketing tool, and now the cutting-edge players are going beyond to create entire interactive experiences on the Web. We take a look at a few of the latest trailers to hit the computer screen.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Jul 2001

Digital Cinema Gets "Aggressively Boring" at Beamfest

Film directors innovating the "new-new thing" in digital media – PDA movies – take their creative lead from the origins of cinema. Meanwhile, as the industry rallies behind another content platform, the viability of entertainment content remains an open question.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Jun 2001


Featured Articles, Posted 25 Jun 2001

Nothing But Net

NBA Commissioner David Stern tells us that the future of streaming media promises yet another live distribution channel — one that reaffirms the significant appointment viewing aspect of sports.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Jun 2001

Live365: Giving Radio an Attitude Adjustment

How much square-footage does it take to manage over 30,000 radio stations? Not much, if you ask Live365. The service offers a carefully crafted infrastructure dedicated to streaming MP3s to any Internet-enabled audio device. Technical Editor Scott E. Baker tells us why FM radio is getting nervous.
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Jun 2001

Decisions, Decisions

With many variables in cost and service features to consider, choosing a CDN isn’t easy. For NetRadio, the stakes in such a decision are high — the company streams upwards of 4.6 million aggregate tuning hours per month, according to Arbitron’s most recent report. So NetRadio declined to take the leap with a single provider, choosing instead to test the waters.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Content Prophets: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Long a popular format in terrestrial radio, news and talk programming seems like a good bet for streaming content on the Web. Staff Writer Ellie Kieskowski shows us that while several talk shows have found success in streaming format, the medium has yet to rival terrestrial numbers.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 May 2001

Talk Radio Still A Toddler

According to Bill Rose, general manager and vice president of Arbitron Internet Services, branding is the biggest challenge facing Internet talk radio sites.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 May 2001

IUMA Revived by Vitaminic

European company brings the long-running music site back from the dead.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Mar 2001

Extreme, Non-Mainstream Sports Push the Envelope

The Web has a way of reflecting all the wackiness the world has to offer, and the realm of streaming sports content is no different. If you’re into dog-sled racing in the far reaches of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, or kayaking at the Ottawa River Rodeo, look no further than the correct URL. It may take years before full-length streaming coverage of Monday Night Football hits the Internet, but for niche sports fans, the time is ripe.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Mar 2001

NBA, Video Your Way

Spoonemore of the NBA believes that while fans may not be clamoring for full-game coverage over the Net, the type of personalization the Internet can offer will make shorter video clips very attractive to users.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Mar 2001

The NBA's Futuristic Blend

While it may seem that streamed media will be a major part of the daily information we consume in the future, it is not clear how we will access that information. Already, content is being planned for PDAs, and there may even be a day you’ll be able to get a sports audio feed from your wristwatch.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Mar 2001

Major Pro Sports No Different

The same kinds of television rights issues prevent live video coverage of most major sporting events online. The National Hockey League’s broadcasting business is built on regional and national deals.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Mar 2001

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