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Squeeze Play: Sorenson's New Encoding Suite Hits the Mark

With a brand-new interface, batch processing, and more output formats than ever, the Squeeze 4 Compression Suite will be a force to be reckoned with in the ever-competitive encoder market.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Jun 2004

Microsoft Releases Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta

The new version puts more options at users’ fingertips, and Redmond says the new "Digital Media Mall" will lay the groundwork for the future of digital content consumption.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jun 2004

Case Study: From Doctors to Daters, Userplane's Instant Communicator Puts a Face on IM

The company's Instant Communicator instant messaging service has taken off in the online dating world. But an installation at the Cleveland Clinic shows that it has a serious side, too.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jun 2004

Streaming By the Numbers

Want to know how much bandwidth a media file is going to take? How many concurrent users you can support? Thankfully, some of the more mathematically-gifted members of the streaming media community have posted some handy "calculators" for deciphering the ciphers.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Jun 2004

Saving Streaming

No, it's not the industry that needs saving. But more and more people want to save streamed content onto their hard drives. For companies like ZyGoDigital and Twinklesoft, that spells opportunity. For content creators, it might also spell trouble.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Jun 2004

Streaming Media East 2004: Acacia Still a Hot-Button Issue

Acacia is still pursuing streaming providers who it claims violate its patents, going after small firms while leaving the "big three"—Microsoft, Apple, and Real—alone. Acacia's Robert Berman defended the company's actions, but didn't address some of the most pressing questions.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jun 2004

The Best of Streaming Media East 2004 Part2

Last week, we shared highlights from the show's Content track. This week, here's a look at some of the more notable issues from Streaming Media East's Business track, including sessions on Internet radio, security, and the future of enterprise streaming.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 May 2004

The Best of Streaming Media East 2004

The exhibit floor was hopping, but the real action took place in the conference sessions, where industry experts gave attendees tips on best practices, offered their take on the state of the industry, and gave a glimpse into the future of streaming media.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 May 2004

Workshops Kick Off Streaming Media East 2004

In their pre-show seminars, Steve Mack offered a primer in "best practices for streaming," while Nico McLane walked her audience through three real-life scenarios.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 May 2004

Case Study: For DSM Chemical, VOD Spells Satisfaction

With the help of Axonix's SuperView server, the company is profiting from the power and convenience of video training on demand.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 May 2004

Inside The Cisco Media Network

As director of the Cisco Media Network for the past six years and involved with the company’s streaming efforts for the past eight, Mike Mitchell has tried dozens of products and services, developed and revised protocols for users, and shares with us how the Cisco Media Network has evolved.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Nov 2003

Streaming Media West 2003 Wrap-Up

The three-day event boasted over 100 speakers and numerous exhibitors showcasing presentation delivery offerings and innovative services. Read in-depth overviews of the exhibitors products, conference panel sessions, keynote presentations and see photos and videos from the show floor.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Oct 2003

Rich Media Publishing and Management Part 3: Peering into the Crystal Ball

This final installment of a series on rich media publishing and management explores two diverging scenarios for the evolution of the category. Will the category persist as a stand alone or will the capabilities provided by these platforms be integrated into other business systems?
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Oct 2003

Rich Media Publishing and Management Part 2: Sorting The Candidates

There is agreement on the vision of what a platform should be, but how should a customer narrow down the field and focus on only those providers likely to meet the customer’s specific requirements? And what are the most important factors to consider when making the final selection?
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Oct 2003

Rich Media Publishing and Management: Definitely Here Today - Part 1

This examination of the rich media publishing and management space begins by defining the segment, reveals how it evolved to its present state, and identifies some of the current players. Part one of this article sheds some light of what customers might look for when evaluating solutions.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Sep 2003

Industry Interview: Vendaria

As online purchasing continues to increase in popularity with consumers, Seattle-based Vendaria Inc. is poised to transform the e-retail market. Vendaria provides solutions that allow customers to view video detailing features and benefits of a given product. The company believes that giving consumers additional, pertinent information at the point of purchase will lead to higher conversion rates and encourage Internet shopping. Vendaria’s customer list is a veritable Who’s Who of the retail space including such top names as Wal Mart, Starbucks, Huffy, Hoover,, Polaroid, and Eddie Bauer. The company recently wrapped up a second round of financing during which it raised $2.3 million. spoke with Cary Roth, CEO and co-founder of Vendaria.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Jul 2003

Where Videoconferencing And Streaming Technologies Intersect - Part 2

Integrating videoconferencing & streaming as source & delivery platforms can be challenging. Examining the features & hazards commonly found by those creating & distributing content created by blending conferencing & streaming will help guide you in the right direction. by Christine Perey
Featured Articles, Posted 28 May 2003

Case Study:
Mercedes-Benz Shifts into Streaming Gear

One European luxury car manufacturer drives home the point that streaming media isn’t necessarily about a marketing blitzkrieg, but rather a valuable tool in communicating with dealerships and service Max Bloom
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Mar 2003

Streaming Media Matures:
The Search for Solutions Drives Developments

As with all maturing technologies, now that streaming media has made its way into the mainstream, it's novelty alone no longer suffices to make it noteworthy. Streaming hs to prove itself based on what it actually contributes, or it will quickly become yesterday's Philip De Lancie
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Mar 2003

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