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The Future of the CDN Market

The number of vendors is likely to shrink, while those that remain will provide more services.
Tues., Aug. 11, by Dan Rayburn
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

Class Act: On Production Values and Flipping Burgers

There's a tangle of ideas embedded in the concept of production values.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

Editor's Note: Blame It on the Blockbuster

Why do we focus on what online isn't built to do—the big blockbuster video event?
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

Spicy Ideas: Video. Online. Now!

How Three Sites Stack Up for Instant Video Gratification
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

Streams of Thought: Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Digital signage is an industry that has evolved in parallel to streaming, with a variety of technical offerings that offer clues about how streaming might address its next challenge.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

Stream This!: Streaming to TV

The Content Is There, but the People Aren’t ... Yet
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

Industry Perspectives: Chasing the Long Tail of Distribution

Maximizing Return on Premium Video
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

The Wi-Fi War

A battle is brewing between WiMAX and LTE for wireless broadband supremacy.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

The Secrets of Their Success

A look at six of today’s top online content creators
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2009

Google To Acquire On2

Innovation mentioned as key reason for acquisition
Wed., Aug. 5, by Tim Siglin
Online Video News, Posted 05 Aug 2009

Now Accepting Nominations for the 2009 Readers' Choice Awards

We've revamped the categories for year's Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards, and we're accepting nominations in all of them until August 31.
Mon, Aug. 3, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
Online Video News, Posted 03 Aug 2009

Streaming Gets Smarter: Evaluating the Adaptive Streaming Technologies

With adaptive bitrate streaming, companies can post a video and let the technology sort out the rest. So which product is best for you?
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Jul 2009

Bandwidth Bastards: Breaking News!! Will QWEST Go CDN? Is Charlie Baker A Klingon? And, Is Everything Really Bigger In Texas?

Why you can't "make" a video go viral—our "hosts" share their speculations and observations and make some rather insidious implications, while hitting on this week's BREAKING NEWS!
Thurs. July 30, by Nico McLane & A.M. Arno
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Jul 2009

Can Streaming Offset Losses In Traditional Revenue?

For those of us in the industry, the answer to that question is "Yes, and then some." But a series of recent earnings reports and research papers demonstrate that both the question and the answers are significantly more complex.
Tues., July 28, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Jul 2009

Bandwidth Bastards: The Red Scare Edition

Bandwidth controversy on Capital Hill, the FCC and the "Broadband Internet Fairness Act", Adobe & Microsoft share their toys in the "sandbox."
Thurs., July 23, by Nico McLane and A.M. Arno
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jul 2009

Adobe Strobe Goes Open Source

Now called Open Source Media Framework, Adobe's Strobe aims to help developers more easily build media players optimized for the Flash platform.
Tues., July 21, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
Online Video News, Posted 21 Jul 2009

Comcast "TV Everywhere" Trial Run To Kick Off In Coming Weeks

A total of 23 cable networks have now signed on to provide online content at no additional charge to Comcast subscribers.
Mon., July 20, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 20 Jul 2009

Microsoft Touts More Than Just New Features At Silverlight 3 Launch Event

Silverlight still faces an uphill battle against Flash, but Microsoft claimed 1 in 3 internet device penetration last week at its Silverlight 3 launch event in San Francisco, and more content publishers and streaming service providers are getting on board.
Mon., July 13, by IdaRose Sylvester
Online Video News, Posted 13 Jul 2009

Legislation Would Make Online Video Accessible to the Hearing- and Vision-Impaired

A bill proposed by Massachusetts representative Edward Markey would extend the FCC's captioning rules to internet video but would exempt user-generated and online-only content.
Mon., July 13, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 13 Jul 2009

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