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IBC Update: From a Streaming Perspective

IBC2004 offered a host of streaming-related announcements, from the ISMA’s Conformance Program to a video headend from SkyStream with eight MPEG-4 AVC encoders. Learn more about the latest and greatest in streaming media in this IBC2004 roundup.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Sep 2004

Macromedia Introduces Flash Video Kit

The Flash Video extension allows users of Dreamweaver to select media, choose streaming or progressive download, select from six different skins, and specify video playback options.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Aug 2004

DivX Releases Version 5.2

Along with the usual promises—better image quality, faster encoding speeds—DivX has built in several new features designed to make the codec more appealing to both the PC and CE markets.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Jul 2004

Squeeze Play: Sorenson's New Encoding Suite Hits the Mark

With a brand-new interface, batch processing, and more output formats than ever, the Squeeze 4 Compression Suite will be a force to be reckoned with in the ever-competitive encoder market.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Jun 2004

Streaming By the Numbers

Want to know how much bandwidth a media file is going to take? How many concurrent users you can support? Thankfully, some of the more mathematically-gifted members of the streaming media community have posted some handy "calculators" for deciphering the ciphers.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Jun 2004

New MPEG-4 Webcaster Tops List of New Products at InfoComm 04

Envivio introduced its 4Forum MPEG-4 solution, while Sonic Foundry unveiled two new Mediasite recorders and ViewCast expanded its Niagara offerings in Atlanta.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Jun 2004

Workshops Kick Off Streaming Media East 2004

In their pre-show seminars, Steve Mack offered a primer in "best practices for streaming," while Nico McLane walked her audience through three real-life scenarios.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 May 2004

Streaming Media Metafiles
Part Two: ASX files

Streaming metafiles give you control over the presentation and delivery of your streaming media content. This week we continue our look at the basics of metafiles with an overview of the Windows Media ASX format.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Aug 2003

Encoding Tools Product Review

The multi-codec encoder field is more crowded now as the three leading products - ProCoder, Squeeze, and the radically reinvented Cleaner XL - pursue different audiences. Which is right for your workflow will depend on what you know and what you Jeff Sauer
Featured Articles, Posted 13 May 2003

Guide to Great Web Video: Preprocessing Video

In Part 2, contributor Barb Roeder goes through the why’s and how’s of de-interlacing, frame rate conversions and inverse telecine. For part 1, click here
Online Video News, Posted 02 May 2002

A Guide to Great Web Video: Preprocessing

Delivering good quality video almost invariably requires preprocessing of source video. Contributor Barb Roeder lays the groundwork in discussing some of the most important preprocessing filters.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Apr 2002

Sure-Fire Tips for Encoding High-Quality, Low-Bandwidth Audio, Part 2

In the second of two parts, we outline editing and encoding tips to deliver high-quality audio to the dial-up and mobile phone network crowd.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Apr 2002

Sure-Fire Tips for Encoding High-Quality, Low-Bandwidth Audio, Part 1

In the first of a two-part tutorial, contributor Dee McVicker runs though some helpful recording and encoding tips to deliver high-quality audio to the dial-up and mobile phone network crowd.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Apr 2002

MPEG-4 AAC Licensing Announcement Gets Support

MPEG-4 audio licensing announcements welcomed by many in the industry; and DivXNetworks inks agreement with film distributor Monument Video
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Mar 2002

Choosing The Right Capture Solution

With a host of recent changes in capture boards, contributor Dee McVicker surveys the options available for pros, prosumers and consumers.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Mar 2002

The Other Side of Compression

This month we dissect the latest codecs from DivX Networks (DivX 4.0.1), On2 Technologies (VP3 and VP4) and Media Metasis (ZygoVideo) and tell you how to get the best results from each.
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Jan 2002

Multi-format Encoding: No Sweat for FlipFactory

Telestream’s new transcoder and media delivery system is limber enough for even the most rigorous multi-format, multi-bit rate workout, but you’ll have to let loose with some greenbacks to get it. Contributor Dee McVicker takes a closer look at the system in this review.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Dec 2001

Quality Comparison: RealVideo, Windows Media Video and Sorenson Video

There's more to video encoding than meets the eye. Contributor Francesco Schiavon has been working closely with the big technologies and vendors to help you see which one, two, or three are right for you.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Nov 2001

Open Source Guerrillas Wage Codec Battle

As the battle for control of the streaming player and encoder space rages, a rumbling force – in the form of open source development – can be felt with growing intensity. Contributor Daisy Whitney takes us into the world of open source to reveal a revolution in motion.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Dec 2000

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