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Video Production

Peer-to-Peer Streaming Finds Friends

A new breed of companies is targeting the peer-to-peer distribution method to lower the costs of streaming. Can they help alleviate the economies of streaming? Senior Editor Jose Alvear reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Aug 2001

Osprey 2000 DV Pro Brings Welcome Improvements

ViewCast's latest capture solution has a voracious appetite for video and audio data, and it's omnivous, devouring everything from unbalanced analog audio to SDI video with embedded audio. Associate Technical Editor Bill Bernat takes a closer look at this follow-on release to the Osprey 500 DV Pro.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Apr 2001

Case Study -- Webcasting at the House of Blues

The House of Blues is arguably the godfather of live webcasting and continues to pioneer the craft through cutting-edge technology and ambitious business techniques. Contributor Max Bloom stepped inside their domain to discover just how they do what they do.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Jan 2001

Syndication As a Product

Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jan 2001

For Newly Initiated: An Open Source Primer

The term "open source" refers to software designed to be used and changed freely by consumers and developers. Open source code is usually distributed to developers over the Internet, and applications are governed by a type of license not normally applied in the commercial software world: one which requires that all users receive the source code.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Dec 2000

Open Competition

Featured Articles, Posted 20 Dec 2000

Games and Software: Flowing Streams

Streaming games and software boast a key advantage in the industry: They already work to the satisfaction of consumers. A panel session at Streaming Media Europe 2000 shed light on the budding market.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Oct 2000

Dear RIAA: Put Napster to Work for You

By embracing file-sharing technology, rather than fighting it, the music industry could have a lot to gain.'s Scott Baker offers a practical manual for the successful, profit-motivated incorporation of file-sharing applications into the business plans of recording companies.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Oct 2000

Creating and Embedding a Customized Player, Part III

The final installment of contributor Marco Bianco's step-by-step tutorial, including code and image downloads, to help you on your way. This final installment examines media player clip information properties and transitioning to the Windows Media Player.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Sep 2000

Creating and Embedding a Customized Player

Part II of contributor Marco Bianco's step-by-step tutorial, including code and image downloads, to help you on your way. This installment examines more involved functions such as the volume control, the video clock, and the bandwidth display functions.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Sep 2000

Creating and Embedding a Customized Player, Part I

Implementing an embedded customized media player can seem like a daunting task. Contributor Marco Bianco provides a step-by-step framework, including code and image downloads, to help you on your way. A wide array of properties, methods, and events are exposed, allowing for branding and synchronization capabilities impossible with stand-alone players.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Sep 2000

MP3: Ripping and Encoding

How to Create MP3 Files
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Sep 2000

MP3 Basics

Write it or Rip it, Then Serve it to the World!
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Sep 2000

Capturing and Editing Video

Tim Tully walks you through the process of capturing and editing your video for streaming.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Sep 2000

Shooting Video for the Web: Equipment

Toys and tools for creating the best online video content.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Sep 2000

Intro to Production

A quick overview of what it takes to serve audio and video from your website.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Sep 2000

Searchable Video: Accurate Searches, Precise Targeting

New techniques are transforming video search engines from mere conveniences into powerful e-commerce tools.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Aug 2000

MP3 Tutorial, Part I: Write It or Rip It -- Then Stream It to the World

Here's an introduction to using the MP3 format, and an overview of the recent developments that may soon affect the world of MP3 profoundly.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Jul 2000

Forget Streaming Media, Get Ready for Streaming Software

San Jose Start-up To Start Streaming Software
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2000

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