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The IPTV/VOD Landscape

With several established brands and startups entering the IPTV/VOD realm with innovative new business models, 2009 could be the year digital television begins to dominate the market.
Fri., May 1, by Max Bloom
Featured Articles, Posted 01 May 2009

Vevo: A Hulu for Music Videos?

With Vevo, Universal Music hopes to get the benefits of YouTube without being associated with the user-generated content that makes up much of the online video site's offering.
Mon., April 27, by Troy Dreier
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Apr 2009

Broadcasters Are Doubling Down on Online Video

Some broadcasters are hedging their bets, but most are gambling on internet delivery to increase their brand visibility and hit the monetization jackpot.
Fri., April 24, by IdaRose Sylvester

Featured Articles, Posted 24 Apr 2009

Revver Non-Payments Have Video Makers Crying Foul

Site that made a name for itself by paying its contributors apparently hasn't been, at least since it was acquired by Live Universe.
Tues., April 14, by Troy Dreier
Online Video News, Posted 14 Apr 2009

Spicy Ideas: Why Online Video Will Crush Blu-ray

While Blu-ray players offer superior quality, odds are against it becoming a dominant force. Instead, expect online video to take off by the end of the year.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Apr 2009

Case Study: A Harmonious Relationship

How NTT Communications is helping Pandora keep the music alive on the internet
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Apr 2009

Case Study: Taste of Home Gets a Taste of Video

The Taste of Home website beefed up its video offerings with video aggregation and a platform from, significantly increasing page views in the process.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Apr 2009

Choosing an Online Video Platform

Host your own, use a UGC site, or deploy a fee-based, SaaS approach? Here's how to decide which approach is right for you.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Apr 2009

So What The Heck is Boxee, Anyway?

It's getting fast uptake and a lot of media buzz, thanks to a high-profile scuffle with Hulu, but just exactly what Boxee does and how to use it isn't obvious.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Mar 2009

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Downscaling in Tough Times

The acquisition of Ancept Media Server attempts to leverage complementary technologies to strengthen ViewCast's market position, while Hearst's hiring of George Kliavkoff as it takes a major newspaper online-only hints at old media's need to embrace new media in order to survive.
Tues., Mar. 17, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Mar 2009

Closed Captioning for Online Video

As online video grows, many publishers are finding the need to provide the same kind of captioning as broadcast TV. Here's a look at some of the issues and technological solutions in the closed captioning arena.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Mar 2009

Boxee vs. Hulu vs. Cable (Spoiler: The Customer Loses)

Hulu's recent removal of its content from Boxee is a reminder that broadcast and cable networks are still afraid of losing control of their content. But change is coming, and old media needs to embrace the new.
Online Video News, Posted 10 Mar 2009

What Gets—and Hulu Misses

Hulu has grabbed most of the headlines, but CBS Interactive's is proving itself to be a stickier destination with a slew of Web 2.0 social media tools in addition to its video content.
Tues., Mar. 10, by Troy Dreier
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Mar 2009

Appearing on CNN Does Add 20 Pounds to A-Rod and Tiger

A look at CNN's aspect ratio issues and their bold new streaming parameters
Mon., Mar. 9 by Jan Ozer
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Mar 2009

Testing YouTube's 720p HD Encoding

What happens when the biggest user-generated content site in the world adds its version of high-definition video? Here's a look under the hood of YouTube's 720p H.264 encoding.
Thurs., Feb. 26 by Jan Ozer
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Feb 2009

Repurposing TV for Streaming

Content can be produced and repurposed for a three-screen universe without having to use completely independent workflows. Here’s a look at how to establish a “create once, use anywhere” converged workflow.
Wed., Feb. 25, by Philip J. Cianci
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Feb 2009

The Watchman: NBA All-Star Game Was Nothing Special Online

TNT's online delivery of the NBA All-Star Game this week was more notable for what it got wrong than for what it got right.
Thurs., Feb. 19, by Geoff Daily
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Feb 2009

Qik: Social Networking Meets Video

Since its alpha launch in late 2007, Qik has gained a dedicated user base. With a public launch planned for later this year, though, questions remain as to whether or not the mobile video streaming can find mass adoption.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Feb 2009

Making History One Webcast at a Time

The New York Philharmonic live from North Korea
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Feb 2009

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