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Tim Siglin

Tim Siglin is chairman of Braintrust Digital, a digital media production company, and a co-founder of the go-to-market strategic consulting firm Transitions, Inc. Involved full-time in visual communications and digital media for over 20 years, Siglin has also served as a contributing editor for for over 15 years.  Prior to co-founding Transitions Inc., he served as principal analyst at The Hampton-James Company, a media consultancy, and was CEO of Century VII, Inc., a production and media integration design firm. Siglin has an MBA in international entrepreneurship, has taught as an adjunct at several colleges and universities, and has worked in both motion picture production and crisis management public relations. As a co-founder of Transitions, Inc., Siglin offers customized strategy consulting for a number of customers, including three Fortune 10 companies, numerous Fortune 100 companies, and multiple small businesses. Repeat customers account for more than 80 percent of all on-going business. Siglin can be reached at


Articles By Tim Siglin

Streams of Thought: Passing It On: Recording (and Consuming) Our Hobbies and Habits

Several sites have sprung up recently that feature consumer-generated, how-to video content, a trend that carries with it deeper social meaning than initially meets the eye. Each of these sites—,, and ExpertVillage—have several social drivers in common.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Nov 2006

TI Advocates for Moving Transcoding From the Core

Texas Instruments evangelizes just-in-time and point-of-presence transcoding through a new sponsored study from IDC, arguing that it's crucial for the proliferation of video entertainment and the devices that play it.
Thurs., Nov. 9, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Nov 2006

Commentary: Here Come the Brides

A recent inquiry from a bride-to-be’s mother got me thinking: What could be a better sign that streaming has reached critical mass than webcasting the Big Day?
Wed., Nov. 1, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Nov 2006

First Look: Adobe Soundbooth

Easier to use than Audition but nearly as powerful, Adobe’s new audio software sets its sights on streaming video producers and Flash developers.
Mon., Oct. 30, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Oct 2006

Commentary: A Serious Acquisition Creates More Magic for Adobe

Adobe’s recent acquisition of Serious Magic is good news for current Adobe video customers, and bodes well for streaming users. And while Adobe’s thinking about acquisitions, here are some other companies it might be considering.
Wed., Oct. 25, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Oct 2006

Review: Digital Rapids StreamZ

If your workflow requires both a transcoding and an encoding solution, and speed is paramount, strongly consider putting a StreamZ system on your short list.
Mon., Oct.9, by Tim Siglin

Featured Articles, Posted 10 Oct 2006

Licensing Sweetens Deal as Google Buys YouTube

YouTube’s deals with Universal and Sony BMG may have been the deal-clincher, as they could help reduce Google’s risk of taking on copyright infringement liability along with the user-video startup.
Tues., Oct. 10, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Oct 2006

ESPN Shifts Mobile Video Focus

The network shut down Mobile ESPN after only seven months, realizing that customers weren’t willing to make service-provider choices based upon available video content.
Tues., Oct. 3, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Oct 2006

Adobe Rolls Out Integrated PDF/Flash Products

Adobe puts Macromedia technologies to good use in the recently-released Captivate 2 and Acrobat 8 products.
Sun., Sept. 24, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Sep 2006

Yes Virginia, There Is a Webcast

A recent symposium showed how streaming helped Virginia claim the title of Forbes’ Best State for Business.
Mon., Sept. 18, by Tim Siglin
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Sep 2006

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