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Watchitoo Puts the Classroom Experience Online with ClassInteract
Up to 25 students can join in face-to-face videoconferences, with thousands more watching.

Videoconferencing company Watchitoo is releasing a new product today that aims to take the face-to-face experience of the traditional classroom and put it online. ClassInteract lets up to 25 students join in a group video chat, while thousands more can view the event.

With distance learning growing in popularity, ClassInteract could add an missing sense of connection for students. The service lets professors store materials online, create polls, record and archive lessons, and view analytics on student engagement.

Students using ClassInteract are able to join online class sessions, show their face with a webcam, talk with the professor and classmates, view multimedia class materials with fellow students, and break into subgroups.

ClassInteract is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, so there's little for the IT department to do. Customers will get upgrades automatically as soon as they're available. Watchitoo says ClassInteract can be embedded in any web page, and comes with simple tools for customizing the look and feel.

Besides the classroom, Watchitoo says ClassInteract is a good choice for recruiting, faculty meetings, and parent-teacher conferences.

Pricing for ClassInteract is based on either course count or usage hours. Watchitoo offers the service in English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hebrew. Watchitoo is based in New York City.

Watchitoo ClassInteract

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