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Affine Launches Video Analysis Tool for Advertisers
Frame-by-frame classification platform lets ad buyers be sure they're buying time on safe and relevant content.

One frequently heard story today is that premium online video is sold out on ads, but premium ad buyers are reluctant to purchase spots with independently created online shows. Coming in at the right time is Affine Systems, which today launches its Contextual Targeting Platform.

This platform scans through videos frame-by-frame, analyzing exactly what's in each video. The results let advertisers be sure of the content where their ads will appear. Up till now, advertisers have had to rely on meta tags or classifications to know what they're buying. Affine aims to give them more security.

Affine's solution also give buyers thumbnails of the videos where their ads are shown, so they can quickly see the content for themselves. The platform doesn't examine other content on the page, however.

According to Affine's CEO and co-founder, Mike Sullivan, the platform is already in use by major brands, although he can't name names just yet. Affine will publish the results of the early campaigns in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter of this year.

"Online video is achieving new audience records each month and yet advertisers are only comfortable advertising against ten percent of its total inventory," says Sullivan. "Affine's first-of-its-kind technology will allow media buyers to access the other ninety percent of unstructured online video content in a safe, targeted way."

Advertisers interested in the Affine platform should contact Tidal TV and Adap.TV, both of which are using the software.

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