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YouTube Adds Partner Management to Revamped Creators Site
A year after launching a hub just for its creators, YouTube has refreshed the area with more content on growing a channel and running a business.

YouTube has refreshed and revamped the Creators Site it launched a year ago. The area now includes more one-to-one assistance in a section called Partner Managers. Here, creators can get direct help on growing a channel from a YouTube expert, including best practices for running their channels. They can also get invitations to channel-building events and workshops. This option is open to YouTube Partner Program members with 100,000 subscribers, a clean record, and ad-friendly content.

In refreshing the site, YouTube worked with creators to learn what information they found most useful. Visitors will now find more current information and a more reader-friendly design. Other resources include creator spotlights, a library of courses on growing a channel, and a forum for sharing ideas with other channel creators. The site includes a calendar of events around the world, so creators can meet fellow YouTubers in person.

One highlight of the updated site is a series of master class videos, which will include information on growing a channel and building a business on YouTube. The first video, hosted by Roberto Blake, explains how using the hub, help, hero content strategy can assist creators in broadening their reach and attracting new viewers.

"From checking the latest news on our Twitter feed, to staying up to date with our blog, we hope this redesign helps creators at all stages to get inspired, engage, and thrive on YouTube," wrote YouTube global head of marketing communications Alejandro Oropeza in a blog post. 

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