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Beamr Adds Content-Adaptive Encoding to 5x HEVC Release
By adding automatic content detection at scale, Beamr says it can provide 4K HEVC video under 10 Mbps, and do away with the need for profiles.

Video optimization company Beamr says its newly released Beamr 5x encoder can create HEVC files up to half the size of its previous Beamr 5 encoder, and the secret is the perceptual optimization technology that lets it automate content adaptive encodes at scale.

This is the first commercial offering of a content-adaptive encoder, Beamr notes. Rather than creating profiles for different genres—such as animation, drama, and sports—operators can let Beamr 5x detect the needs for each piece of video and then produce files with the highest quality possible and lowest size. Rather than adapting per title or even per scene, Beamr says its encoder adapts per frame based on changing needs. As for file sizes, it's promising 1080p video as low as 1.5 Mbps and 4K under 10 Mbps.

"Content-adaptive encoding is of great interest to the industry, but until now it has been relegated to mostly manual processes," says Beamr CTO Dror Gill. "Beamr's highly unique quality-driven and fully automated operation uses machine learning and advanced video analysis technology to enable the benefits of content-specific encoding to be operated at scale. In workflows such as user-generated content, OTT streaming, and cloud DVR, there simply is no match for the ability of Beamr 5x to compress video to the bitrates that we can achieve while maintaining full quality."

The company will make Beamr 5x available as an SDK, and will preview it in its NAB Show booth on the upper floor of South Hall. Following NAB, Beamr will make it available for evaluation by MSOs, Telcos, OTT providers, and CDNs. 

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