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Haivision Debuts Platform for Live Enterprise Video Streaming
The Haivision Media Platform promises secure low-latency live video from any location, and offers three editions for different needs.
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Responding to the need for live video in corporate settings, end-to-end video streaming company Haivision debuts the Haivision Media Platform today. The platform comes in three editions targeted to different corporate needs: The Enterprise Edition is meant for companies with multiple locations where it's important to serve all employees the same live and on-demand video. The Site Edition is for companies that want to create a live IPTV system reaching every screen in the building, from the auditorium to the break room. Finally, the Workgroup Edition is for teams conducting research, such as usability testing, focus groups, skills assessment, simulations, training, and education. It lets teams analyze and review video from multiple sources.

Whichever edition a company chooses, Haivision points out that they'll get a complete system with low latency for live video, and that system works with a variety of network infrastructure setups, such as on-premises cloud or hybrid video models. Built-in AES 128/256 encryption and Active Directory, LDAP, and SSO support keeps all streams private. Companies can stream secure live video from any remote location, Haivision promises. The platform works with Haivision's encoders and eCDN, as well as third-party digital television headends. It's based on technology first developed for Haivision's Calypso brand. 

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