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Vivendi Debuts Studio+, Mobile App for Short-Form Video Content
With scripted series that look both cheesy and fun, Vivendi hopes to get people to subscribe to Studio+ for $3.99 per month.

There's a new player in the mobile video market: Media conglomerate Vivendi announces the U.S. launch of its Studio+ app today, which offers short-form premium content to mobile viewers. The app is currently only available for iOS, although the company says it will come to Android soon. Studio+ launched in France, Italy, and Latin America in December 2016.

What sets Studio+ apart from other players in this space (such as Go90, Fullscreen, and YouTube Red) is its premium scripted offerings. Series come in what the company calls a "10X10 format," meaning 10 episodes that are each 10 minutes long. The app will launch with an original series called All You Need Is Me, about a Los Angeles talent manager working with a young English band. The app will also feature Madame Hollywood, a thriller about a model held captive, which debuted in France. Viewers can watch over 30 series in genres such as drama, crime, action, and romance. Shows will be available in 5 languages, including English, Spanish, and Italian.

While other apps monetize their videos with ads, Studio+ hopes to sell subscriptions. Viewers can get a one-month trial for free, but need to subscribe for $3.99 per month after that. Content can be streamed or downloaded for offline viewing.

On October 31, Dailymotion, which is 90 percent owned by Vivendi, relaunched in the United States by emphasizing curated premium video.

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