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Teradek Releases VidiU for Affordable HD Live Streaming
Stream live HD video without the need for a computer. That's the promise of the compact $699 VidiU.
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Nearly overlooked during the rush of CES is the Teradek VidiU, a $699 compact device that handles the work of encoding and uploading live high-definition video. The VidiU can be mounted on a camera or placed wherever is convenient. The goal is to make live streaming simpler, as the broadcaster doesn't need a computer to encode and upload the stream.

The VidiU includes an HDMI port for compatibility with most of today's consumer and professional video cameras. It connects via Ethernet, dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi (2.4- and 5GHz), and supports 3G and 4G USB cellular modems. It can run for up to 90 minutes thanks to the built-in Li-Ion battery. A free iOS app lets broadcasters monitor their streams directly, without the need of an internet connection.

Broadcasters can use the VidiU to deliver content directly to live streaming platforms, including Ustream and the new version of Livestream. For a limited time, buyers get a coupon good for half-off a Ustream Pro broadcasting account. The VidiU also includes an unlocked RTMP interface that can stream to most content delivery networks (CDNs).

Teradek will show off the VidiU at its Central Hall booth during the National Association of Broadcasters show (NAB), taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 8 to 11.

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