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Skyfire Releases 3.0 Version of Rocket Optimizer
Operators can better handle demand spikes and deliver video to end-users with Skyfire's upgraded optimization platform.

Video optimization and mobile cloud solutions company Skyfire has released Rocket Optimizer 3.0, the latest version of its video and data optimization platform. Rocket Optimizer lets operators provide smooth, high-quality video delivery. This new version offers four main features for efficient data optimization and a better end-user experience.

  • Rocket Optimizer 3.0 measures the network conditions for each video viewer in real-time, optimizing each stream for its end-user. Skyfire calls it an insurance policy for crowded cell towers.
  • The platform now uses an elastic CloudBurst architecture for expanding optimized capacity either to the carrier or to public clouds. Expanding capacity lets operators better deal with traffic spikes. Skyfire says it can double or triple capacity in seconds.
  • Keeping up with the codecs, version 3.0 uses enhanced optimization algorithms for MP4 and H.264.
  • Finally, version 3.0 reduces IP, peering, and server transit costs by adding CloudCache, a cloud-based caching technology.

The goal of Rocket Optimizer 3.0 is letting operators scale their networks to meet the growing demand for mobile video. While demand is rising overall, operators still have to contend with unpredictable usage patterns. With the enhancements in Rocket Optimizer, operators should be better able to meet demands and provide satisfying end-user experiences.

Operators can get Rocket Optimizer 3.0 by registering on Skyfire's RocketTest homepage.

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