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Roku Begins Selling Set-Top Boxes in Canada
Canadians now have an inexpensive way to stream to their TVs all the Netflix they can watch, as well as 100 other channels.

Back in November, Roku announced that it would begin selling its set-top boxes in Canada in early 2012, and the day is finally here. Starting today, two Roku models are for sale in Canada -- the Roku 2 XD and the Roku 2 XS -- compared to four that are sold in the United States.

The Roku 2 XD is the less expensive of the two models at CAD 89.99. It includes Wi-Fi connectivity and can stream 1080p video. The Roku 2 XS lists for CAD 109.99, and adds in a motion-aware remote for gaming, Ethernet connectivity, and a USB port for playing stored songs, videos, or photos.

The two models are available for pre-order from They should be in Canadian stores by the end of this month.

Netflix is available in Canada, and as in the U.S., that will probably be what most of the Roku boxes stream. Roku notes that Canadians will have over 100 channels to choose from, including Crackle and live NHL and MLB events. Canadians can also stream music from Rdio and TuneIn Radio, connect to Facebook and Flickr accounts, and play casual games like Angry Birds. U.S. customers are able to stream over 450 channels. Hulu is not yet available in Canada.

“We have a simple formula for our best-selling streaming players: provide access to a ton of entertainment at a low price, while maintaining a best-in-class streaming experience,” says Chuck Seiber, vice president of global marketing for Roku. “We’ve set the same high bar for ourselves with the launch of our players today in Canada.”<>

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