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PointRoll Offers Three Interactive In-Stream Video Ad Options
Advertisers can make existing in-stream ads interactive with PointRoll's online interface.

Online advertising company PointRoll debuted three choices today for creating interactive in-stream video advertisements. The idea is that advertisers can boost engagement by adding interactivity to their existing in-stream ads.

Social Package: With this option, advertisers can add clickable icons for up to seven social networking sites to their ads. Options include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Digg. Advertisers can also add a link to the company site or any other URL.

Branding Package: Why not brand a video like the television networks do? With this package, advertisers can place a static or animated icon in one corner of the video player. The icon can have text with it, if desired. The viewer clicks the icon to go to the advertiser's site.

Video AdChooser/AdChooser+ Package: With the Video AdChooser, the viewer gets a choice of four videos to watch before their content starts. Once played, the ad disappears. With the Video AdChooser+, the ad unit stays in place after viewing so that the viewer can select another ad. If the users doesn't select another ad, a default video plays.

Advertisers can customize any of the three new ad options themselves with PointRoll's intuitive online interface. PointRoll posted a video demonstrating the three new ad types.

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