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Panopto Partners with Top Hat Monocle for Classroom Interactivity
By combining lecture capture with mobile device interactivity, educators gain new ways to engage students in or out of the classroom.

Lecture capture software company Panopto has announced a partnership with Top Hat Monocle that will bring greater interactivity and mobile access to Panopto's customers.

Panopto's software lets higher education instructors record their lectures, so students can watch them (or re-watch them) after class. Lecture capture software is creating a wave of "flipped classrooms," where students watch lectures at home and then do homework in class.

By adding in Top Hat Monocle's mobile device abilities, Panopto gives customers the ability to include polls and other interactive elements to their recorded lectures. Instructors could include a quiz at the end of a recorded lecture, for example, or they could offer the quiz first and then deliver a custom lecture afterwards depending on the student's needs. Instructors can also use Top Hat Monocle's interactivity for participation during a classroom lecture, ensuring that students are engaging with the material.

Top Hat Monocle's interactive elements can also be used in Panopto live streams, which can help distance learning students participate.

"Our tools enable professors to improve their students' overall attendance and performance, and by adding Panopto to our platform, we'll help drive student engagement even after the lecture has ended," says Mike Silagadze, co-founder and chief executive officer of Top Hat Monocle.  

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