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Inxpo Offers H.264 Adaptive Streaming for Internal Business Use
HTTP adaptive bitrate H.264 will solve the problem of high-definition streams clogging the network, says Inxpo.
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Today at the NAB conference, Inxpo, a business communications software company, announced an H.264 video delivery platform for business use that promises to improve quality and reliability. The platform streams adaptive bitrate H.264 video to both desktops and mobile devices, and will be used immediately in all of Inxpo's product offerings, including its webcasting tools and Social Business TV.

With this platform, Inxpo aims to solve the problem of limited bandwidth within the corporate network. According to Inxpo's executive vice president of product services, Rich Hawkinson, this platform allows for high-definition video streaming without choking company networks.

The new delivery platform works with both live and recorded content. It offers multiple HTTP streaming options, letting the receiving device select the best option based on current bandwidth conditions. Inxpo says it will solve the problem of multiple behind-the-firewall video streams drastically slowing down a network.

Inxpo suggest the platform will be an asset to marketers especially, who want to use video when reaching out to potential customers, but often deliver a substandard viewing experience due to limited internal bandwidth.

The company released the latest version of its Social Business TV platform in November 2012, letting companies webcast to audiences inside and outside the firewall.

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