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Facebook Premieres Gets Global Launch, Enhances Group Viewing
Starting today, any creator can schedule a video premiere a week in advance. Look for upcoming premieres staring Ant Man, the Wasp, and Aquaman.

Starting today, any publisher or creator on Facebook can create a live group viewing experience using pre-recorded videos. The feature is called Premieres, and the social network first announced it back in April. Using Premieres, people can plan a group viewing experience up to a week in advance, then premiere a video for all to see at a schedule time.

With New York Comic Con starting Thursday, Facebook has picked a solid time to launch. Facebook announced Marvel Comics will host a premiere showing behind-the-scenes "Ant Man and the Wasp" clips, while WB will debut an extended trailer for "Aquaman," both coming later this week.

Facebook Premieres can show up in the Watch area, which the company says will help with discoverability. They'll also show in Pages and the News Feed.

Several companies have experimented with Premieres, including Sony, the Buffalo Bills, and BuzzFeed:

“We recently tested Facebook Premieres with an episode of 'Unsolved' and saw great fan engagement and stickiness, with the audience tuning in for nearly the full episode! We’re looking forward to experimenting with Premieres moving forward as we continue to innovate our publishing strategy," says Maycie Timpone, director of social media for Buzzfeed.

Facebook is also announcing the rollout of Video Polls to more Pages. Available through the Live API or the video publishing tool, creators will be able to add polls to live videos. Support for on-demand videos is coming soon.

Facebook Premieres on mobile

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