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Take advantage of the command-line capabilities of the major video encoders with contributor Larry Bouthillier's latest tutorial. Learn how to set up scripts to achieve a more scalable and efficient encoding process.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Oct 2001

New Hardware Broadens Streaming Server Market

In a big week for streaming servers, Real cut a deal with Compaq to distribute its RealSystem iQ, while SGI unveiled its Origin 300 server. The result is more choices in an already complex market for streaming server hardware. Senior Editor José Alvear takes a closer look at this changing landscape.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Oct 2001

Global Video Conferencing: Low(er) Cost Networking Options

Join Associate Technical Editor Bill Bernat and his guests, Dr. Joel Snyder, senior partner, Opus 1 and Mark Beattie, senior analyst and partner, Wainhouse Research, as they explain the full range of videoconferencing-capable networking solutions.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Oct 2001

Thinking Outside the Player

When it comes to online marketing, pure streaming may be too restrictive, technologically. In his column for Streaming Media Magazine, contributor Jon Leland tells us that Flash and Java deserve a second look for advertising applications.
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Oct 2001

StreamOS: Bring the Weights, It Will Do the Lifting

Hiding the complexity of CDN selection and management from customers, NaviSite's StreamOS is simple enough for a child to use and powerful enough to deliver some of the world's most streamed webcasts. Contributor Bern Solnik takes StreamOS for a spin to see if it really is "all that."
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Oct 2001

War and Peace: Digital Media's Diverse Role

As U.S. and NATO military forces deploy troops in the Middle East, streaming technology is emerging as a tool in the war effort. Meanwhile, filmmakers and advertising agencies are using digital media to disseminate messages of peace and non-violence. Staff Writer Jason Thompson takes a closer look.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Oct 2001

Coming to a small screen...

Mobile operators are desperate for ways to recoup their silly-money investments in 2.5G and 3G networks. Can mobile streaming put a gold-toothed smile back on their faces, and please the public? Alison Campbell investigates.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Oct 2001

I'm still streaming

Never a shrinking violet. Elton John was quick to see the potential of webcasting gigs to audiences of thousands. But would the punters pay for it?
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Oct 2001

Event Horizons

Reuters' use of Streamway's webcast technology makes distributing its financial results cheap and easy
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Oct 2001

ISMA Unveils MPEG-4 Specs

The ISMA unveils MPEG-4 interoperability specifications, calling it a "blueprint" for streaming media. But critics, like Microsoft, see MPEG-4 as an incomplete solution. Senior Editor José Alvear and Associate Technical Editor Bill Bernat report on what the specification means to the industry.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Oct 2001

Funk Seoul Brother

And the goals kept on streaming
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Oct 2001

RealONE: All For One

This week, RealNetworks announced its new all-in-one media player, RealONE. Senior Editor José Alvear takes a first look at the new features of RealONE.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Sep 2001

Comic Book Authors Go Back to the Drawing Board

Staff Writer Jason Thompson reports on how online comic book artists are reinventing their art in the wake of September 11.
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Sep 2001

RealNetworks Unveils RealONE Platform

At the RealConference in Seattle, RealNetworks unveiled a new integrated streaming/jukebox player, re-branded its subscription service and showcased a new platform for content developers. Senior Editor José Alvear reports on RealONE and how it's heating up the media player battle.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Sep 2001

MPEG for All

MPEG’s multi-level technology standard for packaging and delivering digital media content is often touted as the big ticket for mainstream content delivery on the Internet and the highly valued convergence market. Here, we illuminate the particularities of the MPEG specs, with a special emphasis on the emerging MPEG-4 standard.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Sep 2001

Free Speech Feels the Pressure

One of the first streaming sites dedicated to providing a free forum has announced a shift to a paid model. This comes at a time when the public debate concerning liberty versus security is growing more intense.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Sep 2001

Webconferencing Companies Offer Services Amid Crisis

After the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, online collaboration and videoconferencing companies are seeing increased demand and higher stock prices. Senior Editor José Alvear finds some companies using streaming to help those affected by the tragedy.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Sep 2001

Macromedia’s 3D Musketeers

With Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio, Macromedia adds streaming 3D features and renews its fight for supremacy in multimedia authoring. Contributor Andy Phelps puts Director 8.5 to the test.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Sep 2001

Rethinking “Survival”

The day after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the death of Akamai co-founder Daniel Lewin and other tech economy workers, Staff Writer Jason Thompson considers the tragedy’s emotional, psychological and physical effects on the streaming industry.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Sep 2001

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