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Sonic Foundry's 2015 View From The Top
Sonic Foundry: Communication is the New Video Content - Sean Brown, Senior Vice President, Sonic Foundry

Fifteen years ago, we knew what was going to be important about video, and it was simple — communication. You record a meeting, training, lecture, video conference, someone presenting to an audience in a ballroom, etc. — that’s all instant content. Just like “orange is the new black,” communication is the new video content.

Video has traditionally required so much pre- and post-production to create watchable, succinct pieces. However, demand and consumption of video is transforming the business of education and communication by not only putting knowledge within reach of anyone with internet access, but also transforming it into searchable, indexed and secure living libraries. With this demand comes a rapid rise in organizational video, and the lifeblood of organizational video is communication itself.

The automation of video creation from tools like Mediasite by Sonic Foundry has eliminated the need for extensive production hours and has fueled this organizational video growth. There’s a line running between My Mediasite, Media-site Join, our Mediasite Events team and all Mediasite products making it easier to create organizational video. The skill of Mediasite is to transform the act of communicating into knowledge in a single step. Our technology takes deliberate communication and renders it into something digital and shareable, and securely manages, curates and distributes it. You can watch it when you want to watch it, use it when you need it and find it when you have to have it.

The most powerful video in the world is the video that transforms the amazing amount of expertise and communicating that we’re already doing every day and delivers it far and wide with maximum impact.

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