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Akamai's 2015 View From The Top
Dr. Tom Leighton, Chief Executive Officer, Akamai Technologies

With a host of over-the-top (OTT) video services having launched in recent months and even more expected to come, 2015 has been a milestone year for OTT. As these new offerings continue to grow in popularity and deliver higher-quality content across all devices, one of the greatest challenges lies in managing the enormous amount of traffic that OTT services will drive over the Internet.

As OTT becomes commonplace, the demand could increase by an order of magnitude or more – and Akamai is prepared to deliver against this growth. While we’re currently investing in growing the capacity of our platform and working on new technologies to even more efficiently deliver large volumes of video, the success of OTT is dependent on more than just capacity and scale. Our team is also keenly focused on the quality of that video. Our pervasive platform enables us to intelligently bypass congested peering points, resulting in a more reliable end-user viewing experience. Additionally, our superior communication and video transport protocols are designed to enable a higher-quality picture, faster loads times and no re-buffering, which is increasingly expected by consumers and content providers alike. With ongoing R&D and investments in this flourishing OTT industry, we’ll be ready for a world of online video consumption, and we’ll continue to deliver fast, reliable and secure content over the Internet with unsurpassed quality, scale and affordability.

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