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Qumu's 2015 View From The Top
Vern Hanzlik, President, Qumu
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Video is a critical element of business communication. At Qumu, we develop solutions that bring enterprise video to everyone, at any level. By providing the tools businesses need to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of their videos, we help organizations use video to engage and empower employees, partners and clients.

Our breadth of functionality, depth of scale and years of experience providing enterprise video solutions to global enterprises are the reasons that analysts say that Qumu is the leader in enterprise video.

We pride ourselves on offering the only complete enterprise video platform. From video capture to internal and external delivery, our solutions provide industry leading functionality such as:

     1. Live, scalable video broadcasting – Qumu handles live and on-demand video, behind or in front of the firewall to audiences of any size.
     2. Rich mobile apps – On any mobile platform, our mobile apps provide secure video anywhere, any time.
     3. Intelligent content routing – Our Pathfinder business rules engine delivers optimized video streams to the appropriate device so video playback is seamless without wreaking havoc with your network.
     4. Integrations – From unified communications to social business to marketing automation, Qumu makes existing solutions more engaging and more powerful with video.
     5. On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid: Flexible software deployment can be tailored to current business needs and scaled as businesses grow.
     6. Functionality – Search through audio tracks of any video, create, edit and upload video from anywhere and so much more.

Visit us at and gain new insights and information about how video can transform the way your business communicates and connects.

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