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Sonic Foundry: 2017 Online Video Industry Predictions
From education to healthcare, it is critical that workers keep up with new products, regulations, and research. Video is the answer.

The business of enterprise video continues to evolve. For more than a decade we've predicted the importance of video in certain industries, beginning with higher education. Now we're seeing video fast becoming an invaluable asset in industries such as healthcare. With ever-changing procedures, devices, technology, and regulations that affect healthcare, it is critical that its workers keep up with new products and research on a timely basis. For many organizations, video is the answer.

Hospital and healthcare staff training programs have become increasingly important in today's complex healthcare environment. Video allows hospitals to easily and cost-effectively keep their staff up to date on the latest advancements so they can provide the best standards of patient care. The most innovative organizations will remove content-creation barriers and foster unique online environments to create and share original training and content, bringing larger audiences to complex procedures and new medical discoveries.

We identified and perfected key capabilities that we know are required for widespread adoption of user-generated content creation. Through that process, we eliminated much of the complexity that has kept online video from scaling effectively at an enterprise level.

In the next year we will see deeper management and security, while at the same time more flexibility in creation, workflow, and consumption of this content. We will help transform the vast libraries of video into interactive, indexed rich video though automated metadata creation and advanced search capabilities, and positively impact the individuals who are learning from it.

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