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Video: How to Improve the User Experience for OTT and TVE
FOX Sports Go SVP Clark Pierce discusses the importance of user experience in delivering a next-level TV experience with TVE and OTT services, and suggests some effective ways to get there.

One key advantage of digital platforms how quickly the UIs can be evolved and improved to meet user expectations and needs. In this clip from a panel at Streaming Media East 2017, FOX Sports Go SVP for TVE Clark Pierce explains how TVE and OTT providers can leverage this benefit to create next-level TV experiences by improving UX.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Clark Pierce: I'll add a fifth dimension, which is the user experience, and I think to me, that's the big difference between a set-top box, if you want to call it that experience, and a best-screen-available experience, whether over-the-top service or a TV Everywhere service. I mean, we can evolve a UI on those digital platforms much quicker. You know, think about the last time you saw a different EPG from your MVPD. Those things do not happen quickly.

We're constantly changing FOX Sports Go and changing the UI and really moving it away from like a channel-based experience like TV and moving it into, you know, more like, let's tell you when your shows are on. Let's get you to your shows, you know? The content can now find the user, and you really can't do that very well. I've seen it done pretty well on Xfinity's X1 and some things like that, but you know, think how long it took them to get there and what drove them to get there, which is the experiences that we're building. WatchESPN is a good example. The NBC Sports app is a good example. We look at what they're doing all the time, and they're looking at what we're doing, and we're each pushing each other to better experiences which are better for the user.

So the user experience, we can really evolve, and we can do things online from a streaming perspective. We can add additional content and more interactive experiences which you can't do, and that's really a goal that we have right now and that's something that we're very strongly focused on at Fox, is how do we take TV to the next level on the digital platforms, because that's the most logical place to iterate, because we can do it quicker.

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