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Video: How Do We Define Quality of Experience for Streaming Video?
Comcast Technical Solutions Architect Ribal Najjar defines video QoE both in terms of subjective experience and qualitative measurement in this clip from Streaming Media East 2018.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Ribal Najjar: What are quality of experience metrics? It's the degree of delight or annoyance of a user while watching. In this use case, while watching a video stream, it also touches on their perceived improvement or degradation, so yet another layer is pretty hard to measure and try to get a sense of what it is. At the end of the day, it's the customers’ or the viewers’ satisfaction with the media experience.

It's obviously pretty hard to try and fetch a metric that gets to measure that. Thankfully, there are a bunch of working groups across the industry that are doing a lot of work trying to pull some information from the player and analyze and study what the customer's experience is.

So for instance, rebuffering ratio, which I single out here--there's a whole bunch of other metrics. Rebuffering ratio is the measure of the percent of the time that you're sitting watching you video and you're seeing the little wheel turning around and the video loading. So, if you watched a 99-minute movie and you spent a minute looking at the wheel, the spinning wheel that's about 1% rebuffering ratio, to give you an essence. So industry standard is that 1%, that's bad, more than that, that's really bad. So some work has been done to try and measure what’s the right threshold for taking this metric and trying to simulate what the customers experience is.

Obviously, the customer’s experience is going to vary from a person to another and from scenario to another. If you're watching on your mobile, you might have a different set of experience if you're watching on your 4K 70" TV you have some high expectations. So things vary. But let's assume and all agree that you don't want to look at more than a minute of this spinning wheel while you're watching a 99-minute movie.

So, that’s a starting point right, and hat will change and probably at some point in the future we won't be okay with two seconds or five seconds or maybe some of us aren’t already.

Reuffering ratio is a metric that we base the machine learning algorithm on. So I single it out here.

Other metrics are things like how long did the video take to start. If you're sitting there waiting for 10 seconds that might not be acceptable to you, and so on.

So these are some of the definitions. So there's some challenge in trying to bend those out and produce them, trying to quantify them to measure the customer experience. But that's a separate engineering task that has to be studied, analyzed or maybe it's beyond engineering as well.

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