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Video: How Can CDNs Measure and Improve QoE?
CBS Interactive's Zac Shenker and Level 3's Ryan Korte discuss the challenges of meeting heightened user QoE expectations for live streams in this clip from Streaming Media West 2017.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Zac Shenker: What's really happening in our industry now is the expectation from the user of quality of experience, that they'll really get that seamless experience every time. It is annoying to the user when they have to wait too long for an ad or a video to start, when they have to deal with a re-buffer event, and that's really then when you're risking losing your users, losing your revenue, and your impressions, and anything else like that.

I think really it's something that's evolving for us, but we're certainly moving towards a lot of prioritization around being able to monitor every stream, being able to really focus on sort of measuring from the client side what that experience is that the user is having. Then also moving towards putting appropriate tooling in place to ensure that we have ways of understanding what's happening with all the different pieces of our back-end infrastructure, the delivery networks and CDNs, and all the other pieces of the stacks so we can also be very reactive to any error rates or performance issues that we discover from the client side so that we can work towards quick resolution of any issues.

Ryan Korte: In CDN, it's a bit where we need to get to standards bodies, we need to get to a standard way to think about this, and standard measures so that we're talking about the same things. Because a lot of times when we talk to our customers about re-buffering, the way they measure it, and how they look at it, and really the math that goes behind it is actually different between them. It's not a thing called “rebuffering metric” that I can talk to two different customers about and have the same answer on.

I think it's super-important. I think the other thing to mention, and to take into context when we talk about quality and networking, and this is obviously a lot about streaming, and video streaming, but a CDN is there for a lot of other reasons too. When we look at it, we also look at impact of other traffic and other traffic profiles and events and things like that.

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