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Infographic: Is Over-the-Top Video a Major Game Changer for Pay TV?
Get a visual summary of the key findings from Verimatrix and's research report surveying over 750 industry executives.

While readers are aware that over-the-top (OTT) video is making a dramatic impact on the pay TV industry, they may not know just how far reaching those changes will be, or the opportunities presented to the pay TV industry.

To get a handle on the rapid changes OTT is creating, Verimatrix worked with to create a research report titled OTT Video: Coming to a Paid Channel Near You. The report, available for free download, is the result of surveying 758 media industry executives, including content providers, technology partners or vendors, and pay TV operators.

The findings are significant: Rather than being a threat, OTT is a bold way for OTT operators to attract new subscribers, said 49 percent of respondents, and today's subscription plans will soon give way to pay-as-you-go services.

For executives who prefer an executive summary, Verimatrix and have created the infographic below. Look through it for key findings, and download the full survey for in-depth results.

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