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DASH Industry Forum Chair Talks DASH Development Roadmap: Video
At Streaming Media East, Iraj Sodagar, president and chairman of the DASH Industry Forum, explained what's coming with version 3.0.


Troy Dreier: Hi, this is Troy Dreier coming to you from Streaming Media East 2016 where I'm having brief talks with some of the thought leaders of our industry. I'm very pleased to talk to Iraj Sodagar, multi-media architect with Microsoft and the man in DASH Development. You gave a little talk earlier today. I know this is kind of easy but maybe you could start us off with what DASH is for people who aren't familiar.

Iraj Sodagar: DASH is a standard for over-the-top delivery streaming of the content. They open the standards that any content provider, any cloud services, CDNs, or a player can implement and it works with other services.

Troy Dreier: Now why is there so much excitement about DASH?

Iraj Sodagar: It's a couple of things. One you can have a multi-window system. Second is that DASH uses the best technologies among traditional streaming protocols that develop out there, plus it adds few features that is not available on other protocols. For instance, multiple DRM support, so if your player have any of the DRMs that content is encoded, the same content can be played by multiple players, different players. It provides support for many different codecs. It also provides features like multiple CDNs, content descriptors, and so on that enables a better experience.

Troy Dreier: Okay and you're heavily involved in DASH development as your role in several working groups, one of which you chair so you're the guy to ask about DASH developments, right? What's coming now?

Iraj Sodagar: DASH has its first edition and the second editions by the end of this year. Early next year we're going to have the third editions of the core specification that will look in ISO, impact the standard committee, and DASH Industry Forum which is an organization, 84 companies, working on providing interoperability tools. Also going to have its interoperability guideline version 3.0, the reference player as well as Conformance Test Suite, so companies can take those and build their services, their products, using those and test them.

Troy Dreier: Very good. When can we see this? When will it be put in place?

Iraj Sodagar: We already have test tools, conformance software. We have a reference player. If you go to the, you can find all of those there. They're available for the public to use. As we go on, we add more tools. We add more features to it so it's ongoing project.

Troy Dreier: Very good. Well, thank you for joining me today, Iraj. This is Troy Dreier coming to you from Streaming Media East.

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